The Gloves Are Off


"At the moment I am quite happy with my form and my achievements on the pitch. I just want to leave that on a high level. You can’t play Superman into your 40s. It’s a mutual decision that this season was the last. When I first came here I was just happy to sign a two-year contract. I wanted to win the league before I retired. I was lucky to achieve a little bit more than that. I’m not finished yet. I’ve still got a few months yet. I’m still aiming for something more. It’s been nice and a great experience, even at my age, to be at a club like United. It’s been a joy"
- Edwin van der Sar -


Manchester United Goalkeeper kesayangan aku nak bersara selepas Season 2010-2011 berakhir. Kiranya, tahun ini, dia last bermain bolasepak.
Katanya, dia nak menumpukan perhatian sepenuh masa dengan keluarga selepas dia bersara.
Bagi aku, dia adalah goalkeeper terbaik Manchester United sepanjang zaman selepas era Peter Schmeichel. Pasti Manchester United merasai kehilangan seorang lagi legenda bolasepak dunia..

huu :(

Manchester United 2010-11



The 2008/09 Barclays Premier League Cup

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