Devastating Tsunami Hits Japan


A 8.9-magnitude earthquake has triggered a tsunami along Japan's north-eastern coastline, and scores are feared killed. Cars, boats, homes and people were swept away as fires burned out of control.
Masya Allah :(

 Vehicles are washed away by tsunami in coastal area in eastern Japan

Boats being pushed across the waters in Kamaishi city port

 Flooded by tsunami in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture

Tarmac, parking lot and surrounding area are covered with mud and debris carried by tsunami at Sendai Airport in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture


A screen grab taken from CCTV news footage on March 11, 2011 shows a tsunami hitting the shores of Sendai following an earthquake-triggered tsunami. Photo: AFP

From news footage by Japanese Government broadcaster NHK on March 11, 2011 shows cars on a flooded street following an earthquake-triggered tsunami in Miyagi prefecture. Photo: AFP

Reporters at the Associated Press Tokyo Bureau in Tokyo take shelter under a table while a strong earthquake strikes eastern Japan. Photo: AP

Large cracks appear in a carpark at Fukushima Prefecture


Houses are washed away by tsunami in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

Cars and other Debris swept away by tsunami tidal waves are seen in Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan

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